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Ocala, Fl -Horse Capital Of The World

Ocala, Florida may seem like just another nice town at first glance. As the county seat of Marion County in central Florida, it has a comfortable population of around 50,000, though the surrounding area has well over 300,000 inhabitants. However, Ocala is much more than just another town. Ocala has the prestigious honor being the Horse Capital of the World.

This unique reputation is well earned From carriages to world-class competitions, if there is an equine activity, it exists in Ocala. It all starts with the horse farms, many of which not only breed horses, but train them as well, serving various purposes from racing, to jumping, to showmanship. These farms often offer various riding options, including guided lessons and trails for the public. The horses are also popular as a tourist attraction, often used in shows and parades.

Ocala is one of the few towns in America that is substantially supported by the horse industry. Some sources estimate that there are over 2,000 horse farms in the Ocala area, taking up nearly 77,000 acres. Due to this large number of farms, there are around 44,000 jobs in and around Ocala that relate to this industry, including positions in breeding, training, and other equine support. Overall, a large percentage of the town thrives on the horses, whether it be in breeding and maintenance or finding ways to connect the industry to interested tourists.

It is possible to find almost any breed of horse in Ocala, either for viewing, riding, or purchase. Ocala is renowned for its quality thoroughbreds as well as its production of successful racehorses, including several Derby winners, such as Affirmed and Needles, who recently achieved a coveted Triple Crown. There are a number of stud farms, which can feature beautiful breeds such as Gypsy Gold. From there, there are popular breeds such as Arabian, American Quarter Horse, Paso Fino, and even Warmbloods.

While some people seek out Ocala to purchase or train a horse for their personal use, there are plenty of other options for individuals of all ages to get involved with the equine population in Ocala. For adults who do not own a farm, there are many supporting positions to groom and take care of the horses. From vets to jockeys to blacksmiths to organizers, there is a high demand for adults to help make the equine industry continue to prosper in Ocala.

For the younger population, there are numerous opportunities to get involved, through lessons, parades, or even competitions. The competitions can range greatly, from novice competitions to Olympic quality events, perfect for riders of all ages and ability levels. With so much of the economy invested in the equine industry, many children in Ocala become involved at a young age in order to support the future growth of the community.

Clearly, the equine industry is an important part of Ocala, Florida, defining the town and its citizens. From professional breeders to novice riders, the Horse Capital of the World has much to offer people of all ages and from all walks of life.

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